Concorde Dinner

£45 per person, £70 with wine

A personal journey to mach 2 with Bob Griffin, featuring the Thornbury Museum Exhibition  

Our journey to mach 2 will feature a menu that has been based on the offerings from the Concorde flight between Hong Kong and London in the 80’s and from the London to New York fights just after the millennium. Concorde’s offering was extravagant, not surprisingly with tickets costing over £4500 to cross the Atlantic. British airway set up a team of renowned chefs to develop the ultimate in-flight-menu, called the Culinary Council. Their job was to create menus of superior quality without compromising individual culinary styles and that could be delivered within the space and time constraints. The style of the food evolved and so did the menu presentation, however the best ingredients and wine were always on offer.

The evening will start at 6:30 at the Thornbury Museum, champagne and canapes will be on offer, followed by a short stroll to Ronnie’s where dinner will be served. Our after-dinner speaker is Bob Griffin who has agreed to deliver his speech on his journey to Mach 2. Bob was the senior flight operations officer for Concorde, whilst stationed at RAF Fairford. His call sign was Technique and his story entertaining to say the least.


Concorde Celebration Menu



Brown Shrimp croustade, bresaola with melon,

blue cheese and celery crostini


Ballotine of Salmon with chervil fromage blanc


Cannon of welsh lamb, herbs and grain mustard with spinach and dauphine potatoes


Brie de Meaux filled with black truffles


Passion fruit syllabub


Coffee and petit four



Champagne Gremillet  Brut Selection

Domaine Paquet Mâcon-Fuissé 2014

Chateau La Croix de Cabut Premier Cotes de Blaye  2010