Salad Bar

Our Self Service, Unlimited, Tasty, Healthy, Salads will be Back the Spring!

Last summer we introduced a salad bar to our lunch offer. During the dark winter months it was substituted by the 'winter warmer menu'. But this spring the salad bar will return! Each salad is carefully crafted and dressed with a wonderful selection of balanced flavours, colours and aromas on offer.

Moderately priced at £6.95, for those wishing to sit down, the offer is self-service and unlimited. Pile your plate high or take your time, return to the bar as you please and savour each dish.

A hot daily special is also available for an additional £3.

A take away service is also on offer, with large tubs priced at £5.95 and standard priced at £4.95. For those who like to finish off with something sweet there is a desert counter to.

The salad bar typically has between 10 and 14 dishes, created with our values firmly in mind. Below are a few of our favourites that have been making a regular appearance.


Grilled SalmonGreen beans, kalamata olives, hen’s eggs, tomato, anchovy, new potato, capers and red onion

Tossed Basmati rice, Puy lentil and wild wild rice, fried onions spice with nutmeg and cinnamon

Butterbeans, Plum tomato, chilli flakes and rocket salad

Scorched Cauliflower, dill, caper and oven dried tomato

Roasted sweet potato, maple and pecan dressed with a ginger vinaigrette

Cous Cous, dried Apricot, raisins, pistachio and toasted pine kernels

Fennel, pink grapefruit, chickpeas and hazelnuts with citrus dressing

Roasted Beetroot, feta, ruby chard and toasted sunflower seeds

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables marinated with Pedro Ximénez

Sweet spiced cous cous, dried apricot and pistachio